An Antihero Returns in the First Trailer for Black Adam

An Antihero Returns in the First Trailer for Black Adam

The highly-anticipated DC debut of Dwayne Johnson or also known as The Rock, Black Adam’s first trailer, is out now and yet to arrive in the theatres. In this movie, the black adam is a powerful being who is at par with the mighty hero superman. But the only difference between them is that Superman is a hero, whereas black adam is a villain or antihero. Usually, it was conceived that Black Adam is a villain who comprises of darker reflection of Shazam. In the last two decades, the portrayal of Black Adam in the comic has shifted significantly from a bad guy with an unrepented character to an antihero who is not truly a hero.

In the first trailer of Black Adam, we get to see some of the impressive powers of the title’s character, Black Adam, as soon as he is freed in the modern time. This is also regarded as one of the major reasons to assert that why The Rock was drawn toward this character. In this Black, Adam is portrayed to have Superman powers, which are somewhat similar to the comic, and he has no desire to hold back his powers. Though the man of steel proves to be more powerful, Black Adam has a ruthless streak which places him on a higher plateau. The movie Black Adam has the tagline that the DC universe hierarchy is about to change.

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However, there is also a tragic side to the movie, especially on Black Adam’s side. Once he was a mortal man whose name was Teth Adam, and he was chosen by the ancient gods to be the defender of his people in the nation named Kahndaq. But there is still a dilemma on who betrayed whom; whether Black Adam betrayed gods or the gods betrayed Black Adam. But the outcome was that Black Adam had to spend thousands of years locked away, and he is now released and will create mayhem in the world.

Another superhero in the movie

One thing we all might have noticed in the trailer of the movie Black Adam is that there are other superheroes who are the Justice Society of America led by Hawkman has appeared in this movie. Some of the superheroes from JSA who have appeared in this movie are Atom Smasher, Doctor Fate, Cyclone and Hawkman. These superheroes from JSA have amazing talents, but in this movie, they are unable to fight with Black. 

More about Black Adam

Though the movie was scheduled to begin filming in July 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, it got delayed and rather begum filming in the year April 2021. The first trailer of this movie is already released, and its views have crossed a billion. This shows that the fans of DC, as well as The Rock, are very excited to watch this movie. It is officially announced that the movie Black Adam will hit the theatres on the 21st of October, and thus, the final wait is for a few months to watch is amazing DC movie.

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