How Do I Open YouTube in An Android Browser?

How Do I Open YouTube in An Android Browser?

YouTube is a popular platform where you can find billions of videos from various categories. And now a day’s YouTube has gained immense popularity and its users have grown into billions. You can easily watch all the content on YouTube for free. And what can be better than this, instead of paying subscription fees, you can easily watch your favourite shows, movies, etc on YouTube and seamlessly enjoy the YouTube services.

But watching these contents on a YouTube application on an android device can be often tedious as you can get disturbed by the pop-up notifications. Hence, if you want to get rid of this problem and want a solution for it. Then, to solve your problem we have a solution. You can prefer to open it in an android browser instead of the android application, this can provide some relief to you from the disturbance. Thus, if you want to know how you can open YouTube in an android browser, then you need to follow this article:

Why use YouTube on the android browser

When you hear this question, one thing would obviously come to your mind, when you have the YouTube application then why should you use the YouTube in android browser. The answer to this lies in getting some relief from the disturbance due to notifications. Often you might have experienced that while watching a video on YouTube, if any notification comes, then it can cause the sound of the video to get reduced.

Similarly, if you have a pop-out notification system on your mobile, then while closing the same, it might get opened and thus it closes the YouTube app. Hence, to get rid of all these disturbances and seamlessly enjoy the YouTube services. You can prefer to use the YouTube on android browser. In the browser, you can use AdBlock to restrict all the annoying ads and notifications. And you can experience a smoother faster video in the YouTube web browser instead of the app.

How to open YouTube in an android browser

By following the below-discussed steps you can easily open YouTube in an android web browser and seamlessly enjoy YouTube solutions.

  • First you need to open the chrome browser or any other browser as per your preference on your android mobile.
  • Then after opening the browser, you need to type in the address bar which you can find in the top part of the browser, and then after typing you need to tap on enter or simply go button on your mobile’s keyboard. Instead of typing and then clicking on enter or go, if you get a suggestion in the first place for YouTube by the browser you can also select that one which will directly open YouTube.
  • Once the webpage of YouTube opens, you need to tap on the three vertical dots which you can find in the upper right-hand corner.
  • After the above step a menu will appear on it you need to tap again on the Desktop site.
  • This will automatically redirect you to the desktop version of YouTube.

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The above process for using YouTube in a browser in android is the same for all the browsers such as Chrome, Opera, Firefox, the default browser of the phone, etc. But the only difference in some of the three vertical dots might be in the upper right-hand corner or in the below-left corner. You only need to find the vertical dots and then select desktop mode.

Hence, above we have discussed the way in which you can open YouTube in a browser on android and seamlessly enjoy the YouTube services.  You can easily follow the above-discussed steps and open YouTube in a browser on your android system.

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