Instagram Updates on Full-Screen Format for Main Feed

Instagram Updates on Full-Screen Format for Main Feed

Instagram was on the testing full-screen picture for a while, and now they have launched an updated version of its new full-screen main feed test. Now you will be able to expand Instagram post-be it static images, videos or reels-into full-height, TikTok-Esque swipeable flow of all different types of IG content.

It’s a change from the original presentation of the option, which was first spotted in testing back in March.

Earlier in June Meta owner Zuckerberg announced that Instagram would soon begin testing a full-screen redesign of its main feed. After the successful test, Instagram looks like a Tit Tok clone, with the content taking up the entire screen length. There is a small navigation area at the bottom, while all other elements are overlaid on the content.

In response to any confusion about the new design, Zuckerberg clarifies photos will continue to be an essential part of Instagram.

The redesign won’t turn Instagram into a video-only platform.

The new approach would also move the Stories bar out of view, though the longer-term approach is likely to see Stories incorporated into this new presentation format, with a frame count bar along the bottom of the screen incentivizing users to swipe across for more.

It reflects the continued influence of TikTok, which has changed the way almost every platform is now considering growth. It has changed user behaviors on a much broader scale than just within the TikTok app itself.

This week’s report revealed that Facebook is also examining how to leverage the short-form video trend further, with the popularity of the format now changing consumer expectations, which means platforms either move in-line with it, or risk losing audience by ignoring it.

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Accordingly, Instagram is the most similar platform to Meta in this respect, and as such, it makes sense the company would wish to follow TikTok’s lead and switch to a more aligned feed.

In December last year, Instagram chief Adam Mosseri said video would be IG’s primary focus in 2022.

“We’re going to double-down on our focus on video and consolidate all of our video formats around Reels”

To mitigate TikTok’s rising dominance in the space, this seems like the ultimate next step on this front, and perhaps another re-positioning in its face-off with TikTok.

It is not available yet, but more people will see it soon – and from there, I’d be willing to bet that Instagram’s next integration, including Stories, will arrive soon after, making Instagram’s experience more like TikTok’s.

If you’re not creating short-form video content yet, now may be the time to begin testing, as it’s going to be the thing on Instagram.

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