Microsoft Officially Shuts Out Internet Explorer After 27 years of Service

Microsoft Officially Shuts Out Internet Explorer After 27 years of Service

After 27 years of service, the company first debuted the browser Internet Explorer retired today. From June 15 2022 those who try to open the browser will be directed to the company’s more recent browser Microsoft Edge. Last Month i.e. May, the company first announced the decision to retire the web browser for specific versions of Windows 10 on June 15, 2022.

Since 2015, Microsoft has gradually phased out Internet Explorer in favor of Edge.

“Microsoft Edge is not only faster, safer, and more secure than Internet Explorer, but it is also more compatible with older, legacy websites and applications,” Microsoft said in a statement.

Internet Explorer was the top browser for years on Windows PCs, but rivals such as Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome took users away.

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The move drew emotions across various social media platforms Tuesday.

“End of an era,” @CSureshVarma posted on Twitter. “Our Dear old Friend from the Good old Days of Childhood… In the Loving Memory of Our First Window to the Internet… 1995 to 2022.”

“It’s time to tell your nan to stop using it now, like seriously,” @Simulator_Radio posted.

Microsoft announced it would no longer support Internet Explorer on its Microsoft 365 apps and services in 2020. The change took effect Aug. 17, 2021.

In January, reported that Microsoft’s Edge browser had a market share of 5.92 percent in the United States as of December 2021.

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