Ms. Marvel Season 1 Review: A Super Start for MCU’s New Hero

Ms. Marvel Season 1 Review: A Super Start for MCU’s New Hero

The Ms. Marvel series by Disney gets off a good start by introducing a new superhero in its marvel cinematic universe.  The story of Ms Marvel revolves around the Kamala Khan played  by Iman Vellani who is a sixteen year old Pakistani American adores the avengers particularly the Captain Marvel. She navigates a hectic life schedule with school and with her family while developing super hero powers of her own provides the movie a with a good thrust in the initial phases. Though the first two episodes of Ms Marvel are lighthearted and also an refreshing turn for MCU.

Earlier we have seen superheroes who are created through gamma radiation exposure and also by super soldier serum. But in this new series a newest superhero origin tends to be right around the corner. The movie is based in Jersey city , it establishes a protagonist which tends to be easy for the fans to relate with. Kamala Khan likes to cosplaying as captain marvel and she has a desire to attend avengerscon, which is the biggest event for everyone who tends to love the mightiest heros of the earth. Like everyother MCU story, this Ms Marvel also takes a slow stake and has great sense of fun which is very entertaining for the audience.

More on the story

The first two episodes of Ms Marvel do an excellent job of establishing the characters of the movie gradually and relationship among them. This show also establishes a relationship between Kamala Khan and her best friend Bruno Carrelli played by Matt linz with a believable friendship and with great scenes.

Like every marvel miniseries,  the Ms Marvel also has a differentiable visual style. The shows adds significantly to the whimsical coming of age vibe of the show.  Even though the show has not given focus on thrilling action moves, but it highlights the life of a teenager instead.  There is a significant charm of a life of teenager all over the show.  As gradually every episodes expand the story line of the movie, it makes more interesting as well as creates a enthusiasm among the audience about what would happen next.

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What are the powers of Ms Marvel

Now one questions which might have fascinated numerous people is that what are the powers of Ms Marvel. In the show Kamala Khan becomes a super hero when she got a bracelet which provides her with power and this bracelet was sent to her from her mysterious grandmother.  Her powers include creating shield, shooting blasts etc.

Where to watch Ms Marvel

The Ms Marvel is being available exclusively on Disney Plus Hotstar and you need to have a subscription to watch this series.

The elements from the comic have significantly changed in this movie adaptation. Ms Marvel comic publish in the year 2014 but in comparison to a comic some drastic changes noticed in the movies.However, it  a best choice of movie for any marvel fan.

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