Pinterest and Snapchat are also Gaining Popularity

Pinterest and Snapchat are also Gaining Popularity

With more than billions of daily users and active users, social media has seen a boom in the number of its users. Though when we hear about social media, names that come to our mind are Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, etc, but two more popular social media platforms are widely popular among the users and they are Pinterest and Snapchat. Currently, we are living in a decade of selfies and aesthetic photos and as we are humans tend to socialize and share our lives. Hence, these two platforms are popular for sharing photos. Through Pinterest services and Snapchat services, you can conveniently take photos or snap and share them with your friends. Not only this but also they have a popular choice for content and digital marketing as well.

Growth forecast of Pinterest

In the year 2020, Pinterest had overtaken Snapchat to become the third most popular social network in the country. Pinterest in 2022 is expected to grow by 4.4% to 86 million users. Pinterest has become more universal than Snapchat which is widely popular among young adults and teens. But the Pinterest tends to be distributed at a wider range than the demographic groups in comparison to Snapchat.

Growth forecast of Snapchat

Snapchat’s place among the top social media platforms fell to fourth place and its place in the third spot was overtaken by Pinterest in the year 2020. But now, slowly and gradually it has yet to regain its spot as more and more people are joining Snapchat. It is expected that Snapchat in 2022 will grow by 3.6% to 83.1 million people and 86 million in the coming year.

Why Snapchat is gaining popularity?

It is a human tendency to prefer those things which are graphic. Instagram and Facebook, both are giant social media platforms but now they are full of controversies. And Snapchat provides better relief from them. In Snapchat, you can send and receive snaps and maintain snap streaks with your friends and close ones which is more fascinating.

Snapchat provides its, users, with more new AI-based face filters which are really fun to use. And taking a picture with some ordinary filters on Snapchat provides a mesmerizing charm to the photos and enhances their clarity. Moreover, Snapchat in 2022 is also widely popular due to its security feature. If you send or post your picture on other social media channels then you cannot know who has taken the screenshot. But in Snapchat, if your friend or closed one takes a screenshot of your snap or replays it, it will provide you with a notification.

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Why Pinterest is popular?

Pinterest tends to be a visual discovery engine for finding effective ideas such as home design, recipes, fashion styles, etc. With billions of users, posting millions of pins on Pinterest you can easily get the spark of idea or inspiration from Pinterest. You can easily discover the Pins you prefer, save them to board and thereby keep your ideas organized, etc. Not only this but also you can share your pins with numerous people across the globe.

Hence, above we have a brief description of the fact why Pinterest and Snapchat are also gaining in popularity. In the year 2022, the Pinterest services, as well as the Snapchat services, have gained immense popularity among internet users. Their user base had expanded rapidly and it is expected that they shall expand more in the future and surpass the other social media platforms.

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