Zuckerberg announced New Monetization Tools For Facebook And Instagram Creators

Zuckerberg announced New Monetization Tools For Facebook And Instagram Creators

In a seven-part threaded post shared on Facebook by Meta owner Mark Zuckerberg outlined near future plans that aim to enhance opportunities for creators and influencers to earn more money. Since the early days of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Meta announced that it wouldn’t cut off creators’ revenue on Facebook and Instagram as a measure to help and support small businesses to grow. The announcement includes:

  • Opening up the Facebook Stars token tipping system to all eligible creators.
  • Expanding the Reels Plays Bonus program to more creators.
  • Launching an Instagram Creator Marketplace to help connect sponsors with publishers for brand partnerships.

We are heading towards a brighter future where more people will be creative as they enjoy doing it, and Mark wants more platforms like theirs to play a role in making that happen.

Here is what creators need to look forward to on Facebook and Instagram:

  • Free use of Monetization tools until 2024: Zuckerberg says no charge will be on events, subscriptions, badges and bulletin products. These tools will remain accessible until 2024, so creators will continue to keep all revenue earned.
  • Interoperable subscriptions: The Facebook Groups feature will open up, allowing creators to open up subscriber-only groups to their paying fans and subscribers on other platforms-an interesting moves to attract younger members from the creator economy back to Facebook, which has been skewing older in recent years.
  • Zuckerberg says Facebook will open its token tipping system to “all eligible creators,” allowing viewers to buy virtual stars and send them to their favorite creators. Publishers can monetize Reels, live streams, and videos-on-demand with this platform-endemic revenue stream.

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  • Reels Play Bonus Program: Meta will expand the Reels Play Bonus incentive program to a larger group of creators, who will be eligible to earn up to $35,000 each month based on the performance of up to 150 Reels creators.
  • The Creator Marketplace: As the creator economy grows and evolves, so does the interstitial economy-you no longer need to pay high agency fees or negotiate with managers to secure influencer endorsements. Zuckerberg announced that Instagram would test a creator marketplace where brands and creators can connect directly for partnership and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Digital Collectibles: The company is expanding its test so more global creators can display their NFTs on Instagram. They will also bring this feature to Facebook soon, starting with a small group of US creators, so people can cross-post on Instagram and Facebook. We’ll also test NFTs in Instagram Stories with SparkAR soon.

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